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Assessments & Reports

Our team of occupational therapists at Leeds Occupational Therapy are able to carry out a wide range of assessments, identifying the key problem and its impact on occupational performance. We complete reports for both adults and children and can offer a range of assessments and suggestions for treatment. We can also complete a comprehensive written report if needed. Some typical reports we currently carry out include:

Activities of Daily Living reports

Our occupational therapists can assess the current functional capabilities of the individual, providing a report on how their particular illness or disability impacts on their ability to carry out their everyday activities.

Aids and adaptations recommendations

The occupational therapists at Leeds Occupational Therapy have a vast knowledge of the different types of disability equipment and what would be suitable for the client's needs. Our occupational therapists can also assess for and make recommendations for major adaptations to the home such as a through floor lift or wet room.

Return to Work reports

Leeds Occupational Therapy can provide reports on the additional costs of disability. These reports will typically provide an assessment of the future ability of an individual to return to work and the costs needed to facilitate a return to work.

Dyspraxic reports

Here at Leeds Occupational Therapy we are able to assess children with developmental disorders like dyspraxia. We can carry out assessments in order to confirm or reject a diagnosis, recommend any aids, equipment, adaptations, or therapy that may be beneficial, liaise with school staff regarding the diagnosis, make recommendations to the school, and recommend any further investigations that may be needed.

Statements of Special Educational Needs

Our Paediatric occupational therapists at Leeds Occupational Therapy can provide reports recommending what should be included in a child's special educational needs statement. A statement of special educational needs (SEN) states what needs a child has and how their needs could best be met.

The occupational therapist would write a report that provides information on any non-educational needs your child has, such as physical needs. The reports also usually include a description of what will help your child to meet their non-educational needs, such as equipment or adaptations. The occupational therapist is also able to make recommendations on what is the most appropriate level of therapy input for the child to receive.

Sensory Profile reports

Occupational therapists use standardised tests to evaluate sensory integration. Our specialised occupational therapists can then complete reports detailing the child's level of sensory processing difficulties and how these impact on daily life. These reports can then be passed on to the child's school in order to highlight the child's particular difficulties and to provide suggestions as to how to assist the child with these.

Medico-Legal Reports

Our experienced therapists at Leeds Occupational Therapy can provide comprehensive, detailed medico-legal reports and assessments in relation to care, rehabilitation and therapy needs. Medico-legal reports can also cover special equipment, housing and environmental needs in relation to medical negligence and personal injury litigation.

Rehab Potential reports

Our occupational therapists can assess and report on a person's potential for rehabilitation, determining what level of rehabilitation that the individual is likely to reach and what their abilities are in carrying out activities of daily living.

Reports for Case Managers

We are able to provide thorough reports for case managers, detailing how the client's illness or injury impacts on everyday function. We can make recommendations as to what occupational therapy input would be appropriate and what equipment would be beneficial for the client.

Housing Needs Assessment

At Leeds Occupational Therapy we can provide housing needs assessments for a range of individuals including case managers, local authorities, solicitors, housing associations, and individuals. Our experienced occupational therapists can assess clients' needs and make recommendations for suitable options.

Seating assessment

Our occupational therapists can complete detailed seating assessments including consideration of the seat base, harnessing, orientation, back, foot, head, and arm support. Following assessment you would be advised on the most suitable seating options, how this can be achieved, and what the costs would be.

Risk assessment

The occupational therapists at Leeds Occupational Therapy are able to carry out detailed assessments to ensure patient and carer safety. Risk assessments can be carried out on many different types of activities within varying environments. Following the risk assessment documentation is provided.

Disability living allowance

We are able to give advice regarding Disability Living Allowance which is a payment for people under 65 years old who, due to a medical condition, need help with personal care and/or have difficulty walking and need help to get around. These individuals need to have experienced these problems for at least three months and are likely to continue to experience these for at least a further six months.

Equipment assessment

Our occupational therapists at Leeds Occupational Therapy are able to undertake an assessment of you at home. Following this they are able to prescribe and fit equipment to promote your independence and make everyday tasks easier.

Moving and handling

Here at Leeds Occupational Therapy we can provide photographic manual handling reports in order to give detailed plans for carers to follow, ensuring patient and carer safety. These guides can be reviewed at a later date if necessary and amended as needed. Documentation is provided following assessment.

Home programmes

We can provide you with occupational therapy home programme reports, stating aims and detailing activities specifically chosen to help meet these aims. These can be for both adults and children.

To arrange an occupational therapy assessment with one our occupational therapists please email office@leedsot.co.uk or call 0113 880 0222.